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How do I use PCWAY to process an automatic monthly report?

Dec 28th, 2009
May 17th, 2013

How do I use PCWAY to process an automatic monthly report?


In order to use PCWAY to process an automatic monthly report, your system must satisfy the following conditions. If it does not satisfy these conditions, we recommend that you carry out the processing manually (by pressing the buttons in the Excel spreadsheet).

1. The system must be capable of 24-hour operation.
2. PCWAY must be setup for continuous monitoring.
3.The time for the monthly report processing must be established.

The following assumes that you want to perform the monthly report on the 1st day every month. Specify the spreedsheet as "TEST" , and event as "V0".

1. In the spreadsheet "TEST", set the PCWAY cell data setting to set V0 of WRITE mode. In this example, we will allocate the cell data settings to cell A1 (regarding allocation cell position, a cell position that hides the cell as much as possible is best).
2. Input 1 to cell "A1" (input 0 to switch off).
3. Define the following Macro.

Sub Monthly report()
Dim SheetSave As String Declaration of the save area for the sheet name being displayed
Dim MyDate As Integer Declaration of the save area for today's date
MyDay = Day(Now()) MyDay represents today's date
If MyDay = 1 Then Check if it is one day or not
SheetSave = ActiveSheet.Name Represent the displayed spreadsheet name as SheetSave
Application.ScreenUpdating = False Stop the Excel display
Sheets("TEST").Select Switch to TEST
Call Application.Run("PCWAYsubAutoSheet") Notify PCWAY that the spreadsheet has been switched
Range("A1").Select Move the cursor to A1
Call Application.Run("PCWAYsubDownLoad") Set V0 on
Sheets(SheetSave).Select Return to the original spreadsheet
Application.ScreenUpdating = True Start the Excel display
End If
End Sub
Start the Excel display

4. Register the monthly report processing macro of step 3. for PCWAY automatic macro launch, and register the trigger device for automatically launching the registered macro as the weekly timer register.


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